Searching XBMC/Kodi Add-ons

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions why doing manual searches in addons like 1channel, iStream, and Genesis never return any results when the movie can be found through categories.  It’s a common problem and one I’ve run into with other programs and searches…

These days we are so used to smart searches and intelligent assumptions based on our search strings, even if misspelled or including the wrong words.  But with most add-on searches you don’t get that luxury.  It has to match spot on (and some times the title isn’t what’s displayed).

To remedy this issue, I’ve programmed myself to only use a single word in my searches.  My favorite example is the show that was always a pain in my ass when searching for… Grey’s Anatomy.  Fairly simple title right? Nope… It always took me 2 or 3 times to get it right… Now if I was going to search for this one, I would type ‘grey’.
This will result in a larger batch of results, but will also be much more likely to include your title…

Hope this helps!

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