How to Install Total Installer by TotalXBMC

This is a great tool that I found through a few TotalXBMC adverts for one of their set-top boxes.  It allows you to install damn near every add-on out there, Genesis, 1Channel, iStream, Google Music, etc, etc, etc…  It installs all the required parts – repositories, add-on, and any supporting add-ons.  So I thought I’d write up a fool proof guide to installing this great add-on installer.  You can find more information about this add-on and its developer at

The quick version of the install is:

1. Open File Manager and Add source.
2. Add and save as TotalXBMC.
3. Go to System>Add-On>Install from zip file
4. Select TotalXBMC and install
5. Goto Get Add-ons>TotalRevolution>Program Addons>Total Installer
6. Install and exit to main menu.
7. Go to Programs and start installing add-ons!!

For those who lean more on the visual learning side:

  • Open File Manger


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